Career Stage I. Leading Self

Leading self is about finding your passion, your foundation - and then finding a voice and the stories to express your convictions.

Career Stage II. Leading Others

Leading others is about motivating delegation and follow-up towards creating the robust teams that perform across any distance and culture.

Career Stage III. Leading Business

Leading business is about predictable project delivery and dealing with change while identifying and refining strategic opportunities.

Client Projects

If you see your project listed here, you may contact your Learning Academy to receive additional login information and get access to your localized cards and course bundles on the OFC4Leaders.

  • Alstom - ALP

  • BlueBehavior Foundation - Jakarta

  • Hager - EVP

  • Hager - LeAP

  • Janssen - JVDF

  • Van Oord - PMC #

  • Van Oord - WMC

  • Vattenfall - VKF

  • Ørsted - HSE4PckMgr