Compact cards - Comprehensive courses

The high-impact leadership cards are free for all members, to serve as an inspiration - or a reminder if you are alumni. Each leadership card consists of text, video and a brief outline of special interests.

These cards have benefited 3.200+ talents and C-level executives, who helped test, refine and document the bite-sized learning potential. Essentially, the cards capture the ideas of 22 books - including 3 of my own.

Every course is based on 4-6 relevant leadership cards and also contains:

  • Cards - with elaboration on the free materials
  • Exercises in many forms
  • Buddy Learning Log - downloadable
  • Interactions - i.e. quizzes and surveys
  • New media and reference materials
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Leadership postcards developed by Ulrik Ramsing and Blue Behavior


Eight Courses.
Three Stages.
One Program.

The eight courses are grouped into three career stages: Leading yourself, leading others and leading a business.

A Single Course takes 4-6 weeks to complete. With a weekly investment of 2-3 hours - as part of your daily leadership responsibilities, plus buddy meetings.

The comprehensive development journey through the full 8-course Program will require about 40 weeks - each with time for buddy meetings and exercises with your team.
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I'd like to meet the first applicants

To welcome, match expectations and help


Enrollment Interview

Making sure the OFC is right for you

The OFC is not for everybody. You will need a learning buddy and have you will need the courage to exercise with your team during the courses.

While the OFC is still developing, I like to make certain the courses available now are right for you.

As I mention in the video, I'm eager to learn of your expectations and help you off to a good start - with a buddy you already know and wish to enroll with, or with a buddy I know from other such interviews.
One-on-one for Enrollment
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A week of OFC training

Practical buddy-enhanced learning

Monday: Weekly online buddy meeting, sharing insights from the latest exercises and team feedback in the OFC. Then you discuss the coming week's specific exercises and plan your training and follow-up.

Tuesday: At a meeting with your team, you embed an exercise on summarizing decisions and actions, and ask everyone to provide feedback on As you check the feedback in the OFC later, you decide to incorporate suggestions into the next meeting.

Wednesday: You embed an exercise on storytelling in a meeting, and when reviewing feedback later, you write to tell your buddy about an aha!-moment.

Friday: You check your buddy's weekly progress and share a mutual learning and appreciation moment during the week's closing buddy meeting.
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Doing means growing

Learning by the 70:20:10 framework

With the OFC you learn by doing the exercises with your team and exchanging best practices with your learning buddy and fellow OFC Members.

70% of leadership learning happens through job-related experiences, as described in the 70:20:10 framework. This is why you will be doing the OFC exercises as a natural part of your everyday leadership responsibilities.

Feedback to and from your learning buddy and the OFC community of leaders satisfies the 20% of learning that happens best with others.

The typical struggle of translating well-received ideas from courses into practice is flipped around in the OFC: Rather than struggling with the application alone after the training, you have to do the exercises with your team as part of the training.
DOING leadership in the OFC
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Sign up for online sessions

Vicarious learning possibilities for Full Program members

The sessions are yet another way of engaging and learning vicariously, and they are available to all Full Program members.

In the online sessions, you will be able to dive into the topic of a particular course, and as an enrolled member, we will keep you updated on upcoming sessions.

In time, these sessions will be available as on-site live sessions as well.
This is a part of our future plans for the OFC.
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We are still developing

The 38 handpicked leadership cards -from a library of more than 100 - will be available by October, 2019. To satisfy other projects, 2 single courses will be completed at this time:

Leading Self
1. Drive
Leading Others
6. Culture

The remaining 6 courses will be added during the fall of 2019, and the Full Program will be completed no later than January 1st, 2020.

All members enrolled in the full program during the fall of 2019 will automatically be given the full year 2020 membership.

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The leadership cards

  • Why is the OFC training based on cards?

    The cards are bite-sized and compact, providing easily customizable learning material with fine granularity, that can be combined and used in a variety of situations. I.e. in offline facilitation: Instead of handing out large stacks of course material, the cards are used as both summaries and agendas and have proven very effective.

    The cards are designed to facilitate leadership learning, sharing, and behavioral change. They have been developed and used for many years in leadership training

    Many alumni still use the physical cards in their leadership duties, as a helping hand or means to pass on their knowledge.

  • Are the cards available as physical postcards?

    Yes. Every card has a download-option. The actual postcards are also available for purchase and delivery in the signature protective plastic box.

  • Why are the leadership cards free for all members?

    The leadership cards in the OFC are also here to deliver on a promise that I made: To create a digital version of the cards that have been used in worldwide leadership facilitation for many years. Whether you are a newcomer or alumni, the cards can give you a new way of handling a tough situation, right now - and with a fresh approach within the next five minutes.

The courses and training

  • How does the OFC measure a member's progress?

    Your progress in the training is measured by the feedback your team members provide at in a browser on their smartphone or computer. Feedback is only possible when you have 'opened the feedback window' - and then for 10 minutes.

    It is a vital part of the OFC that you are able to measure - and document -the IMPACT of your training on those who matter the most. Measuring by curated guides does not give a realistic picture of what you have learned, because only DOING will change your behavior. The OFC uniquely captures this DOING.

    You may have an exercise about storytelling as part of your current course, and want to try it out during an already scheduled team meeting. Once the exercise is done, you open in a browser for quick feedback from the team members present.
    The team members open on their phones, enter your ID and provide feedback by answering a few questions and commenting anonymously. This captured feedback will be the proven progress that you discuss on a weekly basis with your learning buddy.

  • Do my team members need an account to provide feedback?

    No, that would be too complicated to ensure smooth feedback flow to your OFC.
    All your team members need is your membership ID and the web address When you open up for feedback during or after an exercise, the team will have a 10-minute window to answer and comment on your effort and impact online.

  • Does the OFC have available online classes?

    Yes. Online sessions are available to all Full Program members of the OFC. They are bookable in the 'Online Sessions' section of the site and elaborate on the leadership themes in the different courses.

  • Does the OFC provide certifications or ECTS credits?

    Yes, and no. Each OFC course comes with its own certificate which may be used for ECTS merit transfers. When you complete the full 8-course program, your certificate will be accompanied by a personal recommendation and career-boosting progress report from the OFC.

The OFC Community

  • Who are the OFC members?

    English-speaking, international, experienced leaders and/or corporate talents, who are ambitious and want to grow as leaders - and have a desire to embed the training into their everyday leadership responsibilities.

    Also, leaders who are willing to share their experiences with other like-minded leaders around the world - AND with their teams.

  • Does the OFC provide One-on-one sessions to all members?

    Yes, One-on-ones are part of the onboarding for members enrolled in the full program in the OFC. You can book the One-on-Ones online.
    Also, OFC Founder, Ulrik Ramsing, aims to have One-on-Ones with the first 100 OFC members enrolled in a Single Course or Full Program.

  • Is it possible to join the OFC as a co-trainer or coach?

    Yes. Experienced trainers and facilitators are welcome to join the OFC at many levels. As virtual trainers, coaches, assignment reviewers, and co-developers of new cards.

  • Is localized or corporate content available?

    Yes. Larger corporate clients have their own private cards and unique programs, which are available only to members of their organization.

  • Roadmap - what is coming to the OFC?

    The fall of 2019 will grow the number of courses available in the OFC. First, we build many cards, then we combine them into courses and build out their learning content.

    All in all, we will end up with a total of 8 courses - based on 38 cards - out of a world-proven catalog of approx. 100 cards.

    Bonus courses covering the three career pipeline stages of Leading Self, Leading others and Leading Business will be be released in Q1 2020.

    A member+alumni interview-tour is being planned when all the courses are available for OFC members, adding to the many stories and insights already shared over the years.