It's personal

Through the past decades, I've had the honor and privilege of working with diverse leadership talents and executives around the world. This kind of leadership facilitation is now requested in more places than I have the capacity to deliver, making me promise to create a 'digital clone' by 2020.

With the OFC, I am delivering on that promise, making high-impact leadership training available to as many leaders as possible. Helped by a strong team of co-creators, of course.

The OFC is for you, in particular, when:

  • You are struggling to find the time for conventional leadership training - and need the training to fit into your work life
  • You've tried online courses but felt that something was missing
  • Your organization does not presently allocate the resources needed for personal development
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The story of the OFC

Inspired by leadership facilitation

In 2012, I summarized many years of curated, best practice, leadership concepts in the book Unplugged

The book kicked off 7 years of highly successful leadership programs, composed from - and developing - the leadership cards that are now the building blocks of the OFC.

Partners and future plans

The OFC is created by Ulrik Ramsing and Blue Behavior - part of DeBaak, the leading leadership development institution in The Netherlands. Throughout 2020 the OFC will be growing in many ways:
  • The Full Program memberships will become part of the existing international DeBaak projects
  • NGO's and organizations in developing countries - as well as international students - will be given free memberships as part of the BB Foundation
  • Existing Blue Behavior / DeBaak alumni will be adding their stories and best practices to the courses, as part of a global Lessons Learned Tour
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The team dedicated to exercise-based learning

 Catherine Dumont de Chassart
Leadership Facilitator
Belinda Lange
Executive Coach
Luc Limére
Leadership Facilitator

Lotte Birkmose
Content, media, and members

Rikke Nørgaard
Projects, travel, and campaigns

Julian Kirkness
App coding and databases
Carsten Obels
Hosting and office uptime
Mads Lund
Graphics and print
Office dog, break reminder, and clickbait

Thank you

These people have helped the OFC become a reality

Henrik Ricardy Christensen, Jan Hjortshøj, Rune Mai, Katrien Braeckmans, Mikhael Sander Fogh, Simon Boel, Mogens Greve, Stig Møller Carlsen, Niels Birger Ramsing, Lars Bonde, Per Skærbæk Nielsen, Merete Stenner, Morten Spindler, Tobias Viskum Damgaard, Søren Nørbjerg, Morten Ditmer, Tomas Lund, Mikala Larsen, Ulrik Bjerre-Christensen, Frank Gaillard, Carsten Jensen, Lisbeth Holberg, Mikala Larsen, Bart van Hell, Marlieke Ketelars, Lars Kierulff Munk, Morthen Thorsø Pedersen, Janneke Altorf, Mathilda Froberg, Henrik Thuesen, Jannie Ilum Gade. And coffee.
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