The Online Fitness Center helps you grow as a leader - with and for your team.

  • Bite-sized training

    You are free to dive into any leadership card you chose - for preparation or inspiration in the moment. If you prefer more guidance, enroll in a focused program or a full membership with individual coaching included.

  • Measurable impact

    The OFC allows for a catalytic discovery of the impact of your training, by activating your surroundings. Your effort and development is measured, customizing your exercises on an ongoing basis.

  • Social learning

    When enrolled in a course, you train with a buddy. Enroll with someone close to you or ask a certified OFC coach to find a good buddy fit. The OFC lets you share experiences and grow together.
    We call this social learning.

Built by experienced leadership facilitators

Tried and tested around the world

Everything in the OFC is built on bite-sized leadership cards that have benefited handpicked talents and C-level executives, who have also helped test, refine and document their learning potential.

Essentially, the OFC is built from leadership cards distilled from 22 bestselling books and 7 years of leadership training - workshops, masterclasses, and executive team facilitation - across 30 countries.
Leadership postcards developed by Ulrik Ramsing and Blue Behavior
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For leaders who want to make an impact

in the service of their teams

Stories from alumni

These people have trained with the cards

Engineering Manager at Jacobs

Bas Haaring

Engineering Manager at Jacobs

Very intensive and personal training adjusted to the needs of the participants. Great set of tools are learned in a short period, that can be used immediately in my day to day work. Great Trainer.
Chief Investment Officer, NN Investment Partners TFI Poland

Robert Bohynik

Chief Investment Officer, NN Investment Partners TFI Poland

The program enabled me to recognize orchestrated music instead of sounds of noise. We did not try to dive into theoretical concepts and “grand studies”, rather focused on our own small and big challenges and problems.
Software Test Engineer at Ultimaker

Terri-Ann dela Cruz

Software Test Engineer at Ultimaker

This has been a real eye-opener for me. I feel like all this time I was blinded with ignorance and unawareness. Halfway throughout the training, I felt being empowered with the tools that I can use to bring myself and others towards the goal. There will always be problems with work and leadership, and they will not be easy, but there are always ways to get over them.
Associate MA & Advice at ING

Sha Li

Associate MA & Advice at ING

I learned a lot of technics about leadership which I can easily apply in to practice. I love it this way! A good combination of theory and integration with us! Thanks a lot and much appreciated.
Head of Steering Benelux at Hoist Finance

Dániel Bárány

Head of Steering Benelux at Hoist Finance

The way of presenting the training is way above my expectations. Ulrik Ramsing is very professional and perfectly using various technical tools to make it more efficient. I enjoyed every moment.
Director of Product Development at Five Degrees

Fridrik Reynisson

Director of Product Development at Five Degrees

The format of the training is excellent. Lots of hands-on exercises and meaningful discussions. Really liked the way that “slides” were created during the session.
Head of MidOffice at IMC Trading

Scott Fox

Head of MidOffice at IMC Trading

I found the course very informative. The topics were relevant to me and the settings and structure were both excellent. Ulrik Ramsing was also very engaging and made the experience fun and interactive. I would highly recommend the TRAIL course to others.

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